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Company Services

BAMA CIVILS Construction and project management,provide site grading and land development for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Bama Civils is fully equipped with knowledge, exprience and qualifications to render services to both government and private sector with an all inclusive range of civil engineering and construction services based on solid project management skills, and professional resourceful staff.

We focus on general construction for both government and private sector in the following fields, residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Current Project

Kusile Power Station, Aveng Grinaker-Lta M&E.

Construction of Stormwater line at Area 20.


BAMA CIVILS has been formed by creative Historycally Disadvantaged Individuals who grew up and Well developed in the construction industry.
They joined the construction industry more than a decade ago, well trained engineering personnel through all level of the major company structures.
This experience will hence help Bama Civils grow into a leader above the medium size organisations with unlimited ability above the sky. Coupled with their International exposure through the SADEC region will be an added value that brings upon he uniqueness of the company operations in executing projects.

Missions and Goals

Our mission is to create a successful relationship with our clients and suppliers that will benefit all and endure value for future working relations.

Strive for effectiveness and professionalism in our business by offering our clients with a one stop solution centre in construction by partnering with key role players in the industry of mega contractors and consultants .

Create real opportunity for youth training from institutions that will help shape the future of our country and community development on areas that we work in that will prepare individuals for better competitive employment in the industry .